Wilderness Emergency Care book

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The American Safety & Health Institute (www.ashinstitute.com) has published my comprehensive textbook, Wilderness Emergency Care, which supports a family of courses that I developed for ASHI. Unlike most books on the subject, WEC explains the concepts clearly, and shows you how to do all the skills, step by step.

Price: Just $18.95 plus shipping

Order from the American Safety & Health Institute
Phone: 1-800-246-5101

For a preview of the artwork, go to the web site of the artist: www.gangof1.com


Section 1: Preparation and assessment
1.  Training for wilderness emergencies
2.  Patient assessment: Learning to find the problems
3.  Wilderness first aid kits

Section 2: Preventing and caring for injuries
4.  Shock
5.  Wilderness wound care
6.  Burns
7.  Backpacking stoves: Function and safety
8.  Bone injuries and splinting
9. Athletic injuries

Section 3: Specific injuries
10. Head injuries
11. Eye and facial injuries
12. Dental emergencies
13. Managing spinal injuries
14. Chest and abdominal injuries

Section 4: Environmental hazards
15. How to beat the heat
16. Hypothermia
17. Frostbite and Raynaud's disease
18. Dressing for survival
19. Altitude illness
20. Lightning strike
21. Wilderness eye protection (by Stephen R. Chun, OD, FAAO)
22. Sunburn and skin protection

Section 5: Biological hazards
23. Contaminated water
24. Mosquitoes, ticks, and disease
25. Spiders, bees, and wasps
26. Venomous snakes
27. Hazardous mammals
28. Hazardous marine animals
29. Hazadous plants

Section 6: Medical problems
30. Respiratory illness
31. Gastrointestinal illness
32. Diabetes and other chronic conditions
33. CPR in the wilderness
34. Pregnancy and wilderness activity (by Linda Kay Deaton, RN, BSN)

Section 7: Evacuation and survival
35. Survival and evacuation techniques
36. EMS in the wilderness
37. Herbal first aid (by Charles Garcia)

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Steve Donelan

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