Articles available online

A collection of links to articles on teaching wilderness and prehospital emergency care

Note: some of the PDF files are rather large. Some of the articles are available as either a PDF or a Word document, and some are available only as Word docs.

What evaluations don’t tell you (Fall 2007 page 4)


Teaching the new CPR (Summer 2007 page 3)


Explanation as a teaching technique


Classroom and reality: Part I Wilderness & Environmental Medicine


Classroom and reality: Part II Wilderness & Environmental Medicine


Teaching wound care and bandaging: An historical perspective Wilderness & Environmental Medicine (large file)


Writing good test questions


Rehearsing for mountain rescue


Mountaineering and climbing techniques in the curriculum of mountain medicine education programs


Evaluating and improving your classes


How to use textbooks, handouts, and visual aids


Creative anatomy teaching


Teaching patient assessment


Staging simulated accidents


Testing emergency care skills


Secrets of a successful lecture


Teaching emergency care skills


Perceived benefits of a medical school course in wilderness medicine


Wilderness training for medical students


Designing the new Diploma in Mountain Medicine for the United Kingdom


Medical Wilderness Adventure Race


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