Wilderness First Aid

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If you want to learn how to protect yourself from wilderness hazards and do first aid outdoors, these courses are for you. We use vivid slides and an interactive teaching style to introduce the concepts, then train you to do the skills and improvise care with whatever you carry for your outdoor trips. National certification is valid for 2 years (though the SF Bay Area Chapter of the Sierra Club still only requires leaders to recertify every 3 years). Topics include:

Wilderness First Aid: in Berkeley on May 19-20

Saturday May 19, 2018: 8:00 - 5, at Sierra Club Office, 2530 San Pablo Ave. Suite #1, Berkeley CA 
2 options: Basic Wilderness First Aid (Saturday only)
OR Wilderness First Aid (Saturday 8:00 - 5 and Sunday, 9 - 5)

These courses are sponsored by the Activities Committee of the Sierra Club (S.F. Bay Chapter), and meet the first aid requirements for Sierra Club outings leaders. Those who do Saturday only will be certified in Basic wilderness First Aid. Those who do both days will learn more advanced skills, do role-playing scenarios, and be certified in Wilderness First Aid. Non-members can register if we have space, though they will not be eligible for the Sierra Club discount, OR they can join the Sierra Club and then register as members. 

Registration for Sierra Club members (who are not SF Bay Chapter outings leaders) and non-members
Email the instructor, Steve Donelan, to make a reservation: donelan@speakeasy.net. Include your Sierra Club membership number (if you're a member) and whether you are registering for Saturday only or Saturday and Sunday. Be prepared to pay the course fee to the instructor in class, which includes a copy of Steve's comprehensive textbook, Wilderness Emergency Care, and national certification from the American Safety & Health Institute, valid 2 years. Cost (to Sierra Club members): $50 for the one-day class or $80 for the two-day class. For non-members, cost is $60 for Saturday only, $100 for Saturday and Sunday. If you already have the current edition of the book (200 pages) deduct $15.

Registration for SF Bay Chapter current outings leaders 
Contact Zephyr O'Meara, Email: firstaid@sfbaysc.org; Phone: (510) 848-0800, ext. 315.
To register as an outings leader, you must mail Zephyr a $30 deposit check payable to "Sierra Club SF Bay Chapter"  This check will be returned to you in class if you show up, but cashed if you do not show up. The chapter now pays for both the Saturday and the Sunday class, even if a leader's section only requires the one-day class.

Repeat Sunday class session for free
Graduates of Steve's 2-day WFA class may participate in future Sunday classes for the SF Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club at no cost, so long as their WFA certifications are current. Just email him in advance, and include the date when you did the class.

Done Steve's 1-day BWFA within the last year? Still have the textbook?
Upgrade your certification to WFA and learn many more skills.

Register for the Sunday class by emailing Steve: donelan@speakeasy.net. Include the date when you did BWFA.
$30 for members; $40 for non-members.

Sierra Club Basic Wilderness First Aid: Palo Alto

Saturday March 31, 8 am to 5 pm.


           Email Bruce Rienzo (bruce@oatc.com) AND Steve Donelan (donelan@speakeasy.net) to register and get the schedule and instructions.

Cost (for Sierra Club members): $50 includes textbook and national certification. If you HAVE the textbook (Wilderness Emergency Care by Steve Donelan) deduct $15.
        Cost for non-members: $60.

Location: Loma Prieta Chapter headquarters, 3921 East Bayshore Road, Palo Alto

Steve Donelan is the national chairman of the American Safety & Health Institute's Wilderness Emergency Care program, which he developed, and author of the textbooks. He has been designing and teaching courses on wilderness and pre-hospital emergency care since 1983. He is also an instructor for the National Ski Patrol and a peer reviewer of their textbook, Outdoor Emergency Care. For the Wilderness Medical Society, he is section editor on education of their journal, Wilderness & Environmental Medicine. He is also a contributor and peer reviewer of their Practice Guidelines for Wilderness Emergency Care, which is a consensus of the guidelines and standards.
He has published many articles on emergency care and how to teach it.


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Steve Donelan

last update: March 19, 2018