OEC Refresher: Pinecrest & Lake Alpine Ski Patrols

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Date: 2019 refresher to be scheduled

Location: Fellowship Hall, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 3051 Putnam Blvd., Pleasant Hill CA 94523

Registration: Advance enrollment required: email Steve Donelan and register online at the NSP web site. Course number F067170006.
Visiting patrollers welcome:
Include your name, patrol, and NSP number in your message.

Contact: Steve Donelan, e-mail - donelan@sonic.net

Bring: This is a traditional refresher, so bring the completed open book test from Ski Patrol Magazine (summer issue), your patrol pack, and your OEC card for instructor signature. We'll be using stethoscopes and BP cuffs for patient assessment, so please bring yours if you have them.

Preparation: Complete the OEC Workbook, printed in the summer issue of Ski Patrol Magazine. This is a traditional refresher, so there is no online portion , just the use of the OEC Workbook for preparation, which includes writing in your answers to the study questions.

Workbook online : Don't have the magazine? Go to the National Ski Patrol web site (www.nsp.org) and you will find the refresher study guide in pdf format, so you can download it and print it out.


To get credit for the refresher, you must:

CPR certification
In order to patrol, you must re-certify in CPR every year - the NSP does not recognize 2-year certification periods. Certification must be in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers (BLS-HCP), also known as CPR for Professional Rescuers, which includes adult, child, and infant skills for a single rescuer, two-rescuer adult and infant CPR, and use of the pocket CPR mask and Bag Valve Mask. American Heart Association, American Red Cross,  American Safety & Health Institute, and National Safety Council all offer courses that meet these requirements. 

Verifying CPR certification
For Pinecrest and Lake Alpine patrollers, if you have already re-certified in CPR and show us your card during check-in, we will note it on the roster. Otherwise, you must show your PD proof of re-certification before patrolling.

Patients for scenarios
We need patients for the afternoon scenarios (12 noon to 4:30). Let me know if you can provide friends or family. Kids welcome if they are old enough to remember and act out their roles. Moulage experts from my wilderness program will coach them and apply accident makeup. Make sure they bring or wear old clothes, because the makeup is messy. 



8:00    Check in and show completed study questions (required for admission to refresher)

8:30    Presentations

9:00  Skills stations

12:30  Working lunch: discussion of the study questions as we eat.  
            Instructors and moulage volunteers prepare scenario stations.

1:30    Scenario stations - first rotation
2:30    Scenario stations - second rotation
3:30    Scenario station - third rotation
4:15    Convene for comments on refresher by participants, and patrol meetings.            
Patrollers fill out evaluations and turn in refresher completion records. Instructors sign OEC cards and completion acknowledgements.

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Steve Donelan

Last update: March 9, 2019