Wilderness First Responder & WEMT Upgrade schedule

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This is a typical schedule for WFR courses that we have done in the past, which shows a logical sequence of topics and the amount of class time devoted to teach topic. 

Tuesday & Thursday 7pm to 10pm.                    Two Saturdays 9am to 5pm


For each date, the schedule shows the topics and what to read (in advance) to prepare.


Introduction to the course. Vital systems & signs. Bleeding control.


Wound care. Shock. Bandaging. Ch. 1, 4, 5 and bring book for next class.


Patient assessment. Scenarios. Ch. 2.


Bring outdoor equipment to improvise splints. Bone injuries & splinting. Ch. 8. Watch SAM DVD


SAM splints & commercial traction splints. Ch. 8. Watch SAM splint DVD.


Improvised traction splints. Athletic injuries. Ch. 9.


Specific injuries. Ch. 10, 11, 12, 14.


Burns & wilderness fire hazards. Scenarios. Ch. 6, 7.


Medical problems in the wilderness. Ch. 30, 32.


Children & elderly. Pregnancy. Special populations. Psychological emergencies. Ch. 34.


Reducing dislocations. Ch. 9.


Spinal injuries. Clearing the spine., Ch. 13 & backboarding handout.


Saturday: Spinal management. Midterm practical exam (graded scenarios). Ch. 13.


Heat illness, hypothermia & frostbite, Raynaud’s syndrome. Ch. 15-18.


Herbal first aid. Hazardous plants. Ch. 29, 37.


Saturday: Oxygen, vital signs, CPR decisions. Lifts & carries. Wilderness transport.  Ch. 33.

            Bring first aid kits. Medical screening & accident reports. Ch. 3.


Effects of altitude, lightning strike, solar radiation. Review Ch. 19-22.


Bugs, snakes, bears & aquatic hazards. Ch. 24-28.


Water disinfection, wilderness hygiene, GI illness. Ch. 23, 31.


EMS in the wilderness. START system. Ch. 35, 36.

Final written exam. Skills logs must be completed. Turn in essay on a real emergency.


Final practical exam (graded scenarios).



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Last modified on December 31 2012