How to teach

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Instructor training is generic. No matter what your specialty, I can train your group to plan, organize and teach everything from a short presentation to a long class. If you have a group of people interested in learning how to teach, or in improving their teaching skills, I will come to your facility and do an intensive course for them. I can also do a clinic on specific topics and skills, for experienced teachers. Send me an email , and we will discuss the possibilities. 

        I am the national program chairman for the Wilderness Emergency Care program I developed, and author of the textbooks. If you have a group of people interested in becoming instructors, I will travel to your facility             and train them. We'll negotiate the cost based on the length of the course, number of students, and travel expenses.

Prerequisites for teaching emergency care
For any any certificated course, you need to be trained at least to the level that you want to teach. For Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, or Wilderness EMT Upgrade, this means being currently certified in those courses by NASAR or an organization whose courses are recognized as equivalent by NASAR. Or we can include a basic course as part of the package, which has the advantage of familiarizing you with the course and how it is taught as well as providing basic certification. For the wilderness courses, you need also need to have some appropriate wilderness experience. You do not need to be a wilderness professional, but you do need to know first-hand the kind of environment and situations that your students may encounter.

Other teaching
For those who want to teach more informally or give effective presentations, the only prerequisite is a desire to learn. We'll apply the same principles of adult learning to your interests, and do enjoyable exercises that develop your ability to plan, prepare, teach, and evaluate classes.


Learning to teach is best done in a group, because we spend most of our time doing practice teaching exercises and evaluation. We learn from each other, and develop each person's individual style. In the process, we see what works (and why) and what can be improved, and bring out the underlying principles of successful teaching.

I have been training instructors and instructor trainers for over 30 years, and have published dozens of articles in national journals on how to teach. I have also developed many programs, including the national program in Wilderness Emergency Care now supported by NASAR, which publishes my textbooks, Wilderness Emergency Care and Wilderness First Aid.

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Steve Donelan
last update: August 13, 2018